Mercedes-Benz Wheels

Mercedes-Benz Wheels


The type of Mercedes-Benz wheels you choose can impact everything from performance to style, and you’ve found the perfect place to find what you need. Our parts department can line up your options and help you choose between them, so simply read on for answers to the following questions:

  • What Can You Expect from Mercedes-Benz Wheel Upgrades?
  • Why Choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Wheels?
  • What Mercedes-Benz AMG® Wheel Options Are Available?

What Can You Expect from Mercedes-Benz Wheel Upgrades?

Mercedes-Benz wheels are available in a truly vast range of designs, and the parts department here at Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood is ready and waiting to help you find exactly what you need. Just a few of the most prevalent styles include:

  • 7-Spoke 17-Inch Silver
  • 14-Spoke 20-Inch Charcoal Metallic Rim

Why Choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Wheels?

You’ll find various makes of wheels available across various Everett auto shops and Edmonds dealers, but we always recommend genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz wheels.

Designed to the highest standards, they’re created to live up to one of the most prestigious names in the automotive world. They’re engineered from the lightest alloys to reduce weight for spirited acceleration and use corrosion-resistant aluminum to avoid rust. The iconic Three-Pointed Star lets everyone know what you’re working with.

What Mercedes-Benz AMG® Wheel Options Are Available?

You’ll find Mercedes-Benz AMG® wheels available in a strong selection of sizes and styles, so we’ve put together a quick overview of what’s available for Bothell drivers.

Mercedes-Benz 6-Spoke Wheels:

  • Atlas Gunmetal with Mirror Cut Face
  • Atlas Matte Black
  • Atlas 6 Gunmetal with Mirror Cut Face
  • Atlas 6 Matte Black

Mercedes-Benz 10-Spoke Wheels:

  • Masche Gloss Gunmetal with Mirror Cut Face
  • Masche Semi-Gloss Black with Mirror Cut Face and Translucent Clear
  • Millennium Hyper Silver with Mirror Cut Lip

Mercedes-Benz 23-Spoke Wheels:

  • Gloss Gunmetal with Mirror Cut Face
  • Matte Black

Mercedes-Benz Star Wheels:

  • Rotary Forged® /RF™ Gunmetal with mirror cut face
  • Rotary Forged® /RF™ Chrome
  • Rotary Forged® /RF™ Matte Black
  • Estrella Gunmetal with Mirror Cut Face
  • Estrella Matte Black with Machine Lip Edge
  • Mannheim Chrome

Learn More About Mercedes-Benz Wheels at Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood

Already know what wheels you need? Feel free to start the process of making them yours by filling out our online order form. For any further advice or assistance, such as when to put on winter tires, don’t hesitate to contact our parts department directly.

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