The All-New 2021 S-Class

May 4th, 2020 by

The Benchmark for the Luxury Sedan is Being Raised Again!

The all-new 2021 S-Class will be the 7th generation of the most iconic luxury sedan. It hasn’t been released yet but we will share with you a few rumors! The S-class is typically the model Mercedes-Benz debuts its latest safety and technological features on. Here are just a few of the exciting rumors:

  1. Portrait Center Screen: All the typical buttons on the center stack will be replaced with one large display screen controlling infotainment, climate control and more.
  2. Electrified Drivetrains: All engine options will be hybrid, either plug in or mild hybrid with an all-electric version coming later badged as an EQS.
  3. All Wheel Steering: To increase the turning radius on this large sedan all 4 wheels will be able to turn.
  4. Autonomous Driving: it will have the most advanced Level 3 capabilities to date.
  5. Pop Out Door Handles: The first MB without standard door handles.
  6. Sedan Only: Don’t expect to see a coupe or cabriolet version of the new S-Class.

Please reach out to us if you would like to reserve a build slot.

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